Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First Stop on the Fruit Highway: Pettingill's

I am a bit late in the season, but I wanted to share a stop I have been making this summer.
Not far north of Ogden on Highway 89, is a local fruit stand- Pettingill's Fruit Farm. It is the first fruit stand on the "Fruit Highway". The orchards surround the stand and you can often see farm hands out picking the peaches, apples, or plums. Must of the time there is a trailer completely full with bushels for you to pick from. From now until the end of their season (Halloween) you can pick from pumpkins, apples, and probably a few other items.

I mostly pick up fruit from Pettingill's even though they also have some veggies. I got a half flat of raspberries early in the season. I ate as many as I froze. Also their peaches and apples taste like you are eating them straight from the tree. Most people have bushels of fruit in the carts, however by the pound is also available. One thing that I pretty sure on due to the quality of their fruit is that they spray the fruit. That would mean that although local, there is a lack of organic.
There are also some fruits like limes and lemons that you can pick up there, just note they are not from the orchards next to the stand.

Parking can be a bit tight at Pettingill's because it truly is right off the road. It can be tricky to also get back on the road. However there is usually at least 1 spot you can find.

Pettingill's also has a Shake Shop within the stand. It is currently closed for the season, but during its time provides multiple fresh favors of shakes and tables to enjoy them at. They use Farr's Ice Cream as the base. I haven't even eaten a shake, but envied those eating them on my mid-day stops. The Shake Shop is something unique to Pettingill's. I believe I remember seeing hot dogs on the menu when it was open.
Not only is there farm fresh fruit, but you can find local Utah honey. This honey can be found in many favors and sizes. Also Pettingill's has their own section of canned items. I can't tell you what exactly you will find there but I am sure it is some good stuff.

You can find Pettingill's Fruit Farm at 8815 S Hwy 89, Willard, UT. If you would like to know what will be in season when you visit, Like them on Facebook. Visit Pettingill's until Halloween this 2011 season. 

(Note on photos: used my iPhone and I didn't ask staff for permission:). )  

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