Monday, April 4, 2011

Meal Plan: April 4-10

Spring is here! The bright spots of my Friday were daffodil blooms and reading my book in the backyard sunlight. J and I enjoyed a picnic on Saturday for lunch. It was a bit chilly but we toughed it out. It was probably preparing us for the snow that flurried all day Sunday. I love seeing the seasons change. The trees are getting leaves, the grass is almost green, and the crazy weather.

I am also ready for this change of season because I am really for having more fruits and veggies that are in season. I feel lately that I am using whatever veggies sound the best, which isn't something I am all that proud of. Having the season change might help my Monday Meal Plans to take a much needed change of pace.

Meals for this first week in April:
Meatless Monday: Black Bean quesadillas with homemade salsa
Tuesday: Indian Butter Chicken over rice
Wednesday: Sloppy Joe's and a side of cauliflower
Thursday: Breakfast for dinner, maybe waffles or baked French toast
Friday: Beef stir-fry (all the veggies we didn't use last in the stir-fry last week)
Saturday: Baked Ziti with sausage and zucchini
Sunday: Out to eat

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