Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Modern Day Milk Man Delivery-Winder Farms

Winder Farms is a grocery deliver service that promises "100% Quality Guaranteed". They also call themselves "Your Farmer's Market on Wheels".
I have heard of them often during my months in Utah. They have advertisements in coupon mailings, a booth at the farmer's market, and also sales on the side of the road. Winder Farms milks are also available in some grocery stores. It was not until a LivingSocial deal of $55 of groceries for $20, did I commit. When I went to place my order frustration began. All I saw where fees: New Customer Setup Fee, Delivery Fee, Start-up Fee, Cooler Fee. But it wasn't until I had gone through a lot of products, that I discovered the Terms and Conditions. Where yet another fee awaited me. If you cancel before 24 deliveries there is a fee, if I remember it was about $35. That was when I just closed the browser window and went about my day.

I had pretty much forgotten about, figured I lost my $20 bucks. Then a few days later I received a phone call from Winder Farms customer service. The nicest lady wanted to help me complete my order. I explained my concern, and she assured me that I had purchased the deal that was a trial offer, in which many of the fees were included and I would not be charged if I only did the one trial deliver. I call her back a few days later to set up my account (I still received a $15 New Customer Setup Fee plus some amount for the cooler). She was just a helpful as before and gave me many ideas of what to try.

My deliver day came and everything is guaranteed to be delivered before 8am. I found the cooler on my door step, Hayden was curious what was out there (look in the window). Inside was each item that I selected from the website.

I ordered many dairy products, because Winder Farms was originally Winder Dairy. The milk is fresh and tastes a bit richer than regular store bought. I also got chocolate milk, strawberry milk, butter, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella cheese. I was a bit disappointed that the meat and pasta were frozen. The bread is from Paradise Bakery. My favorite thing I ordered was the strawberry lemonade. I also ordered some orange juice and eggs.

Overall the products are fresh and good. I didn't get produce simply because I didn't need any at the time I placed my order. I think that Winder Farms would be a good solution from something that can't make it to the grocery store. Perhaps if you are having a baby or a surgery that would keep you home, with limited help. Just be aware of the fees, some that you might not even notice at first. If you want to give the service a try, keep a look out for coupons, as they seems to pop up all around. Winder Farms truly was a modern day milk man.

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