Monday, May 2, 2011

Cinco de Mayo Meal Plan

I am not sure where last week went. But it is time again for another Monday Meal Plan, so we aren't stuck with nothing this week for dinner.

Meatless Monday: A meatless version of Rachel Ray's Smokey Black Bean Stoup
Tuesday: Chicken breasts stuffed with marinara and cheese, side of noodles and broccoli
Wednesday: Chicken Chow Mein with mushrooms, squash, daikon radish
Thursday: Carne Asada with grilled corn on the cob
Friday: Tulip Festival and dinner date night
Saturday: Chicken Enchiladas stuffed with onion and pepper plus beans
Sunday: Meatball subs and a roasted eggplant side

Here are some of the many scones that my friends and I made for our Royal Wedding girls' night. I recorded it and we watched it at night with champagne and food. It was much nicer than actually getting up for it.

What I look forward to for May: Tulip Festival, running (probably walking mostly) my first ever 5K, Mother's Day, camping, husband's birthday, and a Memorial Day weekend trip.

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  1. Can you please come cook for us? I'm getting hungry reading this post!