Monday, July 18, 2011

Lost in Summer Meal Plan

After being MIA for a couple of weeks,  I am attempting to find myself in summer and make a meal plan. We took a little trip to see my family, the extended family and my parents. My mom found a cabin in the Colorado mountains, so we had a little get away. Even had a bit of a campfire.
More exciting was that when we were away the Ogden Farmer's market opened for season! We missed opening day, but the second week we made it. There was so much variety, already in the season! My favorites were that we picked up over 2 pounds of cherries and some fresh garlic. We also selected some green beans, zucchini, lettuce, peas, and carrots.
So with all that local produce, here this Monday Meal Plan. In hope that this week for dinner will not leave me eating just ice cream. Plus a friend from Phoenix will be visiting this weekend!

Meatless Monday: Salads (because no one really wants to cook)
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken sandwiches topped with pepper jack cheese, side of green beans.
Wednesday: Chili Verde (Pork with tomatillo salsa)
Thursday: Baked Ziti (filled with sausage, cheese, and zucchini)
Friday: BBQ: Kabobs with a side of rice
Saturday Dinner: Out to Roosters
Sunday: Chicken lime tacos

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  1. I miss you! You, Ashley and me need a skype date so I can see your pretty face :)