Monday, June 27, 2011

Pre-July Meal Plan

Over the weekend, we loaded up the car with our Hayden and my friend's pup Chloe plus a lot camping gear. We headed near Park City, to Rockport Sate Park. The majority of Utah state parks allow dogs, which make them the destination of most our camping trips. It was a great weekend in a tent. The dogs were so tired that after there baths, they just slept in on the couch yesterday. J didn't catch any fish but we still soaked up the sun by the reservoir for most of the time. There is a hike that goes along the side of the lake which offers really beautiful views. The river near Cottonwood campground (they one we stayed at) was so high that many of the campsites had water in the fire pits or the whole site was flooded. Luckily, our site wasn't close to the river and we were able to have a fire each night plus we stayed dry at night. 

I can't believe that Fourth of July is next Monday. I am planning a BBQ with a few friends at our house. Not the traditional BBQ. I probably should because that is what all the stores have on sale. However, I am taking a bit of a different approach. So I am have included next Monday in this Monday Meal Plan. In hopes I can get a bit past this week for dinner.
Meatless Monday: Black Bean Stoup
Tuesday: Pulled pork sandwich with mash potatoes, and green beans
Wednesday: Kung Pao Chicken with side of broccoli and hopefully egg rolls
Thursday: Baked ziti (filled with sausage and zucchini)
Friday: Dinner out
Saturday: Sesame ginger chicken with rice and broccoli
Sunday: Southwest chicken, chips and salsa
4th of July Monday: Grilled Pizza, salad, chicken wings

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  1. We were just talking about planning a camping trip - I'll have to check out that campground!