Monday, September 19, 2011

Use up what we have Meal Plan

We are trying to save a few bucks to help with our upcoming vacation. So this week, all meals will be made at home, using up what we have in the house. I did make a trip to the farmer's market on Saturday, so we have the fresh produce and I will get a bit more if we need some fruits or veggies. There are a lot of soups slowing making their way into my meal plans. I move the soup around to the raining days or when the days are cooler than the others.

Here is this week for dinner, with this Monday Meal Plan.
Meatless Monday: Simple salads with hard boiled egg
Tuesday: Spaghetti and meatballs
Wednesday: Chicken with Wild Rice Soup
Thursday: Tacos with refried beans 
Friday: Roasted chicken with potatoes & carrots (I keep putting this meal off) 
Saturday: Chicken enchiladas (repeat! cause we went to the Mexican market grill.. yumm)
Sunday: Search the fridge and hope something is left!

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