Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Middle of Ogden Fruit Stand: Carlo's Produce

I haven't been getting Bountiful baskets, due to my schedule, site being full, or just wanting to get exactly what I need (not what I end up with). After Memorial Day weekend our fridge was empty and in major need of some fruits and veggies. I stopped by Carlo's Produce in Ogden. It is conveniently close to downtown (Washington and 30th street) unlike other fruit stands which are a bit farther out of town. (Closer to the fields)
When you first walk into Carlo's it feels like a farmer's market. The fruits and vegetables are set up in a neat order, usually within categories that makes sense. However don't let this fool you into thinking that everything is local. I have noticed that more is from the USA compare to a grocery store, but in no way is it all local. When local produce is in season, it is clearly marked as a Utah product.
The prices are similar to the grocery store, some items might be a bit more but some a bit less. For example, I bought an extremely large cucumber for 50 cents, at Smith's I saw them for 48 cents. I bought green grapes at Carlo's for $1.98 a pound (from Mexico), which were about a dollar more in the store. Navel oranges were half the price. ($.48 at Carlo's compare to $.99 at Smith's). At Carlo's there are a few items, not usually found in other stores. Need any Cactus, Yucca, or chayote squash? Carlo's has it. One down side may be the lack of an organic section at Carlo's.  I am sure there is not the demand for organic, but more a demand for more reasonable prices.

I have only been to Carlo's a handful of times. Each time the staff is friendly and more than willing to answer any of questions. They probably won't approach to ask you if you need help, but are around and great when asked.
Each time I have been very pleased with my produce. Things are fresh and ripe but not over ripe. Also when stored correctly my veggies and fruits last until I need them.
One silly side note is that my dog enjoys waiting in the car at Carlo's because he can watch me shop the majority of the time. It makes me smile to look over and see him sitting in the front seat watching me.

I recommend Carlo's Produce when you need a lot of fruit or vegetables or even just a couple of items. I am looking forward to scoring some local corn at a great price when the season comes.

(Note on photos: used my iPhone and I didn't ask staff for permission:). )

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