Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Swing: Meal Plan

Summer is feeling in full swing. Even though Tuesday is the first day of summer, officially. Over the weekend, we went to Causey Reservoir, through the Ogden Canyon for a picnic and some fishing. Once we found a spot, parked, and had our picnic, the dog was too much on the hunt for J to fish. So we just soaked in the view, Hayden played in the water a bit and added color to our skin. Yes that brown at the bottom of the photos is the water, and yes, my dog went in there. He doesn't swim, just gets his feet wet.  

This coming weekend we will be camping. I am going to work on expanding what we eat by the campfire throughout the summer, but this weekend J is planning, preparing, packing, and really doing all the work. I will be taking full advantage of that and not offering to enhance any meals, unless asked of course.

Here is another Monday Meal Plan, so we aren't stuck with nothing this week for dinner.
Meatless Monday: Big old Salads with all the veggies in the fridge there isn't enough left to do anything else with
Tuesday: Beef tacos with the salad toppings from Monday, with a side of beans
Wednesday: Turkey meatball subs with veggie side
Thursday: General Tso's chicken, side of rice and broccoli
Friday: At the campsite, hamburgers, pasta salad, baked beans, watermelon
Saturday: At the campsite, fish (if caught), hot dogs (back up), potatoes, salad
Sunday: Breakfast for dinner: Swedish pancakes (frozen from IKEA), sausage and fruit

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